X can not be up when using modesetting

Wu, Nian nian.wu at intel.com
Tue May 6 18:56:00 PDT 2008



I tried to use modesetting on my G33 machine. After loaded modules:


sudo modprobe drm debug=1

sudo modprobe i915 modeset=1


I started X. But X failed with info:

Fatal server error:

Failed to map pixmap: Device or resource busy


Dmesg will be flooded with info:

[  277.267363] [drm:drm_bo_delayed_workqueue] Delayed delete Worker

[  277.275350] [drm:drm_bo_delayed_workqueue] Delayed delete Worker

[  277.283314] [drm:drm_bo_delayed_workqueue] Delayed delete Worker


Attach my xorg.0.log and dmesg just after load i915. From the dmesg and
log, i915 has detected the correct mode and intel driver has initialed

My source repos are: 

kernel - 2.6.25

         drm - modesetting-101 branch tip

         intel driver - intel-kernelmode branch tip

         mesa and xserver - master tip



Nian Wu

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