How to load a per-user xkbmap?

martin f krafft madduck at
Thu May 8 23:49:31 PDT 2008

also sprach Daniel Stone <daniel at> [2008.05.09.0134 +0100]:
> xkbcomp :0

Thanks, that was non-obvious to me.

Unfortunately, I am still not there. I used the example keymap in
[0] and came up with the following simple test-case:

  partial default alphanumeric_keys
  xkb_symbols "basic" {
    include "pc/latin"

    name[Group1]="Great Britain";

    key <AE03>  { [         3,   numbersign, threesuperior,    sterling ] };
    modifier_map Mod3   { <RALT> };


  setxkbmap gb
  xkbcomp [this file] :0

Shift-3 still produces the pound sterling sign (not numbersign,
which is what I changed), and <RALT> does not generate mod3.

What am I missing?


> If you've got any changes which aren't in mainline
> xkeyboard-config, please consider submitting them, so we can add
> them as options for everyone else.

Of course.

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