I810 video corruption when switching output

Peter Skensved peter at jay.phy.queensu.ca
Fri May 9 13:48:48 PDT 2008


  Short question : Is there a way to configure X ( i810 specifically )
so that video goes to both the laptop LCD and an external CRT by default ? 
I'm trying to avoid using Fn F7 to cycle through the outputs ( LCD, CRT,
both ... ) as it uses the BIOS in weird and wonderful ways which interferes
with X.

  Longer version : Lenovo 3000, N100 laptop with Intel 945GM graphics card
with 1680x1050 wide screen ( using 915resolution to fix modes ) running 
CentOS 5.1 with 1.6.5 i810 video driver ( yes - I know it is old but ...)

 When switching the video output ( Fn F7 ) I see messages in the acpid log
like `received event "video GFX0 00000081 00000000" ' or `completed event ....'
and the laptop cycles the video output but doing it leaves a ticking
time bomb which later produces a "tear" across the screen ( a line of white
or black pixels towards the lower right hand corner ). A switch of virtual
terminals for example will trigger the it. Suspending will trigger it too.
It is not enough to restart X to fix it - it requires a reboot. So - if I
could get X to display on both by default and never use ACPI to switch
things would be a lot better. I've tried tinkering with the MonitorLayout
without success so far but hopefully there some way to do this. The VESA
driver doesn't appear to have this problem ( it has others such as requiring
full mode lines in xorg.conf to run at anything but the maximum resolution )
but it is quite a bit slower than the i810 driver .


Peter Skensved                          Email : peter at SNO.Phy.QueensU.CA
Dept. of Physics,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario,

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