MPX merge coming up

Peter Hutterer peter at
Mon May 12 01:05:53 PDT 2008

On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 11:58:44AM +0200, Rémi Cardona wrote:
> Peter Hutterer a écrit :
> > == XI v2.0 ==
> > Due to the changes in server behaviour, XI will be bumped to v2.0. XI 1 is
> > still supported, albeit the server does some tricks here to not screw up your
> > settings.

> As I had not yet taken the time to really dive into Xi 1, will there be 
> _one_ document describing Xi 2, shoving the old and weird Xi 1 parts 
> into a separate section? (that hopefully we'll be able to forget really 
> really soon).

Yes. I spent the weekend and most of today moving the old Xi to
docbook and putting the new requests/events in.

However, you may be up for some disappointment, most of the requests etc.
stay as they are, and low-level libXi is still a bit awkward to code against.
That said, the device handling is much better now.


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