Intel Patent No. 5,920,923 (Saturation & Hue patent)

Thomas Fritzsche tf at
Mon May 12 07:58:38 PDT 2008

Hi Keith and Intel Guys,

after fixing an issue with contrast and saturation of the xv part of
the intel driver
(, I
was wondering I can add the Hue adjustment to the existing Saturation
adjustment as XV parameter.
As I didn't got a clue out of the description of Register DCLRC1
(section of register specification). I asked google and that
brought me to description of US Patent 5,920,923:
If I understand the patent description correct it's very easy:
(with S = Saturation and H = Hue).

I would like to write a patch but I got some concerns:
Sorry for raising such a stupid questions here (I'm not lawyer), but
providing the parameter as described in a US patent can this be a
violation of Intel's patent rights?

Thanks and best regards,
Thomas Fritzsche

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