radeon 9000 (rv250) dvi 1920x1200 troubles

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Tue May 13 05:55:59 PDT 2008

On 2008/05/13 14:10 (GMT+0200) Andre Puschmann apparently typed:

> I am having problems to get my brand new 24" tft to work with its native
> resolution of 1920x1200px.

> Its a VideoSeven V7 D24W33 and its connected via DVI to a Dell Latitude
> D600.
> I am using Ubuntu 7.10 but I also tried 8.04 (live-cd) with the same
> results.
> Xrandr detects the monitor and even its resolutions successfully.
> However, if i try to switch to 1920x1200 the tft stays black.

> I guess there is something going wrong with the video frequencies. But I
>  am not sure what.
> I also tried a bunch of modelines found with google and also generated
> with cvt.

> The maximum resolution I get is 1680x1050.

Not that I think this will help, but for the little it's worth:

Last week I had a machine here for motherboard replacement. Since I have no
widescreen displays, I had its owner leave his here with it, a HP 24"
1920x1200 that has only analog & HDMI input, no DVI.

The antique ATI card from his old motherboard would not fit the new AGP slot.
The first video card I pulled from my stockpile was a Radeon. His Linux was
OpenSUSE 10.2. I never could get the Radeon to do better than 1680x1050. Most
attempts to get native produced an out of range message from the display. I
replaced the Radeon with NVidia, and quickly got it to work with the open
source nv driver.

I spent some time over the following days testing some of my own machines
with that 24" LCD, and found none that wouldn't easily do native. None had
ATI gfxcards. None of the gfxcards tested are newer than 4 years old. The
oldest were probably around 10 years old (Matrox G400 & i810e).
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