[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.3.1

Jin, Gordon gordon.jin at intel.com
Thu May 15 20:33:43 PDT 2008

Doug Larrick wrote on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 8:20 PM:
> Zhenyu Wang wrote:
>> Here's xf86-video-intel 2.3.1 release. Noteable fixes since 2.3.0
>> are Eric's block handler patch fixes invalid ring flush in VT switch,
>> and Jesse's cursor save/restore patch which greatly improves my
>> 855GM's VT switch behavior.
> On my 82G35 based motherboard (Asus P5E-VM), this version hangs with
> garbage on the screen when I attempt to switch from X to virtual
> console.  Kernel  No response to ping nor Magic SysRq; must
> power off.  Nothing in the logs.

Does this happen with 2.3.0?

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