IP change?

Daniel Stone daniel at
Fri May 16 03:40:18 PDT 2008

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 11:41:03AM +0200, Matthieu Herrb wrote:
> Matthias Hopf wrote:
> > On May 16, 08 00:50:51 -0400, Dan Phung wrote:
> >> There was an ssh vulnerability that forced everbody to regenerate  
> >> their ssh keys...that's probably the reason...
> > 
> > Everybody running Debian, strictly speaking.
> > Other distros are not affected IIRC.
> Other non-debian based distros are not affected, but DSA keys can be, 
> even if they were generated on other systems: if a DSA key was used to 
> authenticate against a vulnerable (thus potentially compromised) server, 
> this key should be considered as compromised too.

For this reason, we're point-blank not taking any more DSA keys.  When
we come back, our requirements will match Debian's exactly: RSA (not
RSA1), key length greater than 1024 bits.

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