A new GTK+ UI for XRandR

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Sun May 18 13:29:27 PDT 2008

Johannes Engel wrote:
> That looks good to me! :)
> But you know about krandrtray? And where can we get your code?

I didn't know about krandtray. But even if I did.. it's KDE and I have a 
Gnome desktop. Having looked at some krandtray screenshots, I should say 
  that I'm not planing to offer that many options. But I'd like to add a 
gnome-panel applet so that I can easily switch between the modes. I 
found a grandr panel applet but that doesn't use randr 1.2 features 
(per-output mode setting) that I want.

$ git-clone git://dbservice.com/Linux/vxc
$ cd vxc; make; ./foo

A few notes: There is no install makefile target, you need to start the 
executable from the vxc directory (it needs the vxc.glade file in $CWD). 
The buttons 'Reset' and 'Cancel' don't do anything. If you select a mode 
on an output that extends the size of the screen, and press 'Apply', the 
code fails and will eventually leave you with all outputs disabled (the 
layout manager won't let you move the output outside of the screen, but 
if the output is already bigger then the screen it can't do anything 
about it). The code that applies the configuration is very basic, the 
CRTCs are hardcoded so it probably works only for 965 chipsets, see 
xc_screen_apply() in src/xc/screen.c. I'm sorry, I didn't have much time 
to write proper code for that.

Have fun

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