XFCE Terminal resize poor performance

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at bludgeon.org
Mon May 19 23:10:51 PDT 2008

Hi all.  Using Fedora 9 a custom xf86-video-ati driver from the git
repo with a Radeon 9800XT  Using the GNOME terminal, resizing is
somewhat decent, but in XFCE, its Terminal application is horribly slow
resizing.  Definitely seems to be falling back to software.

Clearly fbFetch_x8r8g8b8 is the offending call, but tracing it back
with the --callback option it seems to be resorting to pixman somewhere
in libfb.so or libexa.so.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  I have tried XAA instead of
EXA to no avail.

oprofile results are here:



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