xkb: Modifier key sends KeyRelease immediately

xorg at henrik.synth.no xorg at henrik.synth.no
Tue May 20 00:45:21 PDT 2008

xorg at henrik.synth.no skrev:
> With showkey -s, the KeyRelease doesn't trigger automatically, it waits 
>  until I release the key.  (0x79 is KeyPress, 0xf0 is KeyRelease).
> So I guess there's something wrong in my xkb setup (or in the x keyboard 
> driver?).  Any ideas?

To sum it up: the KeyRelease triggers automatically in X, but not on the 

Is there anywhere else I could ask?  I see that there was an XKB mailing 
list at xkb at listserv.bat.ru, but it seems to be gone.


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