intel driver, randr 1.2 and "virtual pan"

Andrea Baldoni aba009a16 at
Wed May 21 11:30:49 PDT 2008

Good morning.

I use Linux as my only OS since 1994, first SLS, then Slackware, finally
I bought a portable computer, HP/Compaq, with Intel 965GME. To have X working,
today I had to upgrade the initially installed Debian Etch to Lenny.
It works, but I am used (since MANY years) to have a virtual screen much bigger
than the displayed one, and pan with the mouse. It seems that this is now
impossible with RandR 1.2 and I cannot even disable it, because if using

Option "RandR" "false"

in the log, still I found

(II) intel(0): RandR 1.2 enabled, ignore the following RandR disabled message.
(--) RandR disabled

and, anyway, the screen doesn't pan despite the fact that the virtual is
in effect bigger than the displayed (I checked this launching "randr").

To be sincere, I liked much more the original X configuration, without
anything that automatically decides what I should display and how.....

Best regards,
 Andrea Baldoni.

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