Volunteering to assist with documentation docbook conversion.

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri May 23 11:13:25 PDT 2008

Michael Verret wrote:

>>>>> Obviously it would be good to establish some conventions for
>>>>> consistency (sgml or xml for instance).
>>>> Before I go too far, which do you prefer? My first instinct is XML.
>>> I agree. xml seems to be more fashionable these days than sgml.
>> Boy I hate to see decisions made based upon intuitions of
>> popularity.  In case anyone remembers, that's how Microsoft built
>> itself.  You NEED popularity!  Who cares about quality? 
> So what is your preference? SGML or XML?

Mine is XML.  As I said elsewhere in the thread, the trend in
tools development is all on the xml side, and in particular
if there's ever going to be a solution for producing high quality
pdf using open source tools, from docbook, it's going to happen
on the xml side.  That's the kind of popularity that matters...
popularity with developers who are improving the tool ecsosystem.
This will get us better quality.

Plus as I also noted, I've found ESR's doclifter useful for
conversions, and it produces docbook-xml.

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