Penmount touch screen driver problem

xorg at xorg at
Mon May 26 03:48:02 PDT 2008

xorg at skrev:
> The waiting paid off.  Here's the beta driver, it worked for me after a 
> reboot (read readme.txt): 
> The driver will disappear from yousendit in 7 days, but I guess it will 
> appear at soon enough.

I got this from penmount today.  I guess we'll see updates within the 
stock some time soon as well:

> Dear Sir,
> Thank you for your email,
> we are glad to see the driver works fine on your machine.
> Currently we are planning to commit the updated source of our driver to
>, so it can support all the PenMount control boards.
> Thank you again for sharing ideas on improving our product in the future.
> Best Regards,
> Kent 

Good news!


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