Input hotplugging support

Deepak Bhatia deepak.bhatia at
Tue May 27 04:21:47 PDT 2008

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

Does hot plugging means that X Server will know the Monitor type
(CRT/LCD, Highest Resolution Possible, Automatic Display on the
Connected Monitor) ?

What exactly the hot plugging means in terms of monitor ?

Best Regards

Deepak Bhatia

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On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 04:09:01PM +0530, Deepak Bhatia wrote:
> Dear All,
> As per the release note of X11R7.3 as given below
> The X11R7.3 release incorporates the 1.4 version of the X.Org X
Server, which
> is most notable for the addition of input hotplugging support, with
> detection managed either through HAL or a dbus-connected manager.
> The above statement talks about hotplugging of input devices like
keyboard and
> mouse connected to Xserver.
> The question I have is that since monitor is the output device hence
> g of monitor is not supported.

IIRC RandR 1.2 with monitor hotplug support was added in server 1.3.



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