EXA and MigrationHeuristic

Lukas Hejtmanek xhejtman at ics.muni.cz
Thu May 29 03:10:09 PDT 2008

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:06:29PM +0200, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> "greedy" is faster than "always" in some cases because it's quite
> conservative about migrating pixmaps offscreen. Any single low level
> operation can only be accelerated if all pixmaps involved are offscreen,
> so this results in fewer operations being accelerated, thereby avoiding
> migration overhead for operations that can't be accelerated for other
> reasons.

hmm what about shared memory graphics (such as Intel) and migration from video
memory to system memory. I guess this kind of migration could be avoided at
all as CPU should be equally fast with both the "video" memory and the system
memory. Or is there any reason why to memcpy pixmaps from vram to ram in
shared graphics case?

Lukáš Hejtmánek

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