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Fri May 30 05:32:21 PDT 2008

Tomas Carnecky a écrit :
> Dennis Kasprzyk (compiz developer) wasn't happy that I want to attach
> properties to subwindows, instead he suggested to attach a list to the
> top-level window containing tuples of [(sub)window XID / Profile]. But
> I'd like to keep the properties on the subwindows, I think that will
> make it easier for toolkits. In GTK+ for example, widgets that create
> their own subwindow will be able to do the color management completely
> independent of the other widgets. If all profiles are kept in the
> top-level window then the widgets first have to find the top-level
> window and then coordinate with other widgets how to create the list.
> I'd like to hear other opinions on that.

Qt 4.4 no longer uses sub-windows. I'd say that more or less validates 
the "subregion/profile attached to the top-level window" approach.


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