xserver just shows garbage

Carsten Scharfenberg cathune_public2 at web.de
Fri May 30 10:27:23 PDT 2008


I'm a newbie to xorg configuration - so I hope I don't bother you too
much... But I couldn' find any information on my problem.

My xserver on ubuntu hardy heron is not working - it just shows garbage
when started. The ubuntu docs state that in case of a problem you should
reconfigure the xserver by typing "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" then
you have to answer questions about driver, resolution and so on. But in
my case this configure script just asks me about my keyboard - thats
all. Now this is no ubuntu mailing list of course - I'm just starting
from the beginning.

So I started to fiddle around with xorg.conf on my own. To get starting
point I copied that one from my notebook, removed all those entries
refering to the touch pad etc.. Then I changed the driver to "vesa" - to
circumvent problems with special drivers. But it doesnt' work - the
garbage remains.
I've attached my xorg.conf and the output of startx to this email -
there are some errors and warnings dealing with memory locations - but I
don't know what to do about them.
When I switch to "vga" I still get those errors and warnings (except the
last one) - but the xerver will work with an unusable resoltion of
320x200 or something like that.

My system:
Dell Optiplex 755
Intel Quadcore
4GB mem
Nvidia Quadro FX ??? (I forgot the number - if it's important please
tell me so)

I hope anyone can help me.
Thanks and Regards,

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