dpms quits working

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Fri May 30 11:10:41 PDT 2008

I'm trying to diagnose a rather strange issue.

I have an LCD screen that won't sleep after I use it to view a video.
Basicaly, the screen goes black, but the backlight stays on.  dpms screen
blanking works fine until I view a video.

Now at first I thought it was an issue with, say, mplayer not resetting
the dpms settings correctly.  But this happens no matter what I use to
view the video - mplayer, myth, even kdenlive (a video editing program). 
Curiously, it doesn't happen with games; at least the ones I've tried, not
many, that reset the screen resolution don't have this problem.  (im not a
gamer, so my games are limited to tuxracer and such.)

Apparenty, using xv disables dpms.  And I can't turn it back on via any of
the normal methods.

Anyone come across this?  Where do I start looking for the culprit?

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