[PATCH/RFC] Add Widescreen Signalling to intel driver

elupus elupus at ecce.se
Sat May 31 12:45:25 PDT 2008

On Sat, 31 May 2008 21:44:22 +0200, elupus wrote:

> Hi, 
> I'm playing around with wss switching in the intel driver. According to
> docs it should be supported. This is what I have so far, I assume the
> signal sent should be based on resolution, and only sent when in SD modes.
> But i'd like to get it working first :).
> This patch doesn't seem to work at the moment. I think it could be partly
> due to this comment that's in intel docs 
> "IMPORTANT: Since WSS uses line 23 to transmit data, the active region has
> to be downsized by two lines and the vertical blanking has to be increased
> by two lines."
> Any ideas on how to fix that?
> Regards
> Joakim

sigh.. Maybe should supply patch.

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