LBX? or faster remote X?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Nov 4 10:13:47 PST 2008

I don't see lbxproxy listed in the 7.4 release. But it is in 7.3. 
What is its status?

I found docs online about LBX, but most are very old.

xdpyinfo doesn't show any LBX extension for me (but I read online that 
recent X servers include it by default).

Before I attempt to rebuild Xorg with LBX, please let me know if this is 
worth my time.

Any alternatives?

In my case, I am trying to view hundred page PDFs over a 980 to 1361 
KB/second connection over a 802.11 wireless network. It is way too slow. 
I guess a real alternative instead of remote X is to use network file 
system and actually run the X client on my local X server.

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