i950 svideo on intel D945GCLF2 > jitting

Juraj Mišových jasomja at student.utc.sk
Thu Nov 6 04:10:16 PST 2008


I trying to get working S-Video with intel driver which is included 
in latest ubuntu 8.10 

on miniitx Motherboard: 

I try "everything", changing resolution, tv norm, v,h frequencies , xrandr, x 
logs .....   But cant get out jitting of picture.

I was trying it through svideo to some samsung LCD TV. I think its not problem 
of tv.

It lokks like ........ frequency problem ? i dont know. but its not possible 
to solve it with configuration.

I try notebook that has also intel 950 graphic chipset with the same ubuntu 
and here is it working without problems. (ofcourse there is some 
diferencies ... but ..)

I was searching on internet for solve this problem.
I found only three questions in forum with the same problem, but nowbody know 
to solve it. 

So i try writing here :)). Is there somebody working on it ? ... or have any-any advice ?

Thanks for hearing 
  bye :)) 


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