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James Cloos cloos at
Thu Nov 6 06:29:19 PST 2008

[I checked the archives to see whether I had missed any replies to this
and found that the original never made it.  I presume it got lost when
my laptop's drive locked up (causing a kernel panic). -JimC]

The Bépo group wants to add support for their (cross-platform) keyboard
to X and are requesting a couple of new dead keys to do so.

I'd like to know how everyone else feels about them before pushing.

The first is a dead_currency or dead_money symbol.  They compose the
various UCS currency symbols with it.  The relevant compose sequences
are listed below.  I'm leaning toward accepting this one.

The second is a dead_greek symbol.  It seems that one of:


or even something like SingleCandidate might be the proper answer.

(They already use 4 levels and level3(ralt_switch).)

Does anyone have any thoughts on how best to move this forward?  

Using the name dead_currency they propose:

<dead_currency> <A> : U20B3
<dead_currency> <a> : U060B
<dead_currency> <B> : U20B1
<dead_currency> <b> : Thai_baht
<dead_currency> <Ccedilla> : U20B5
<dead_currency> <C> : ColonSign
<dead_currency> <ccedilla> : U20B5
<dead_currency> <c> : cent
<dead_currency> <D> : U20AF
<dead_currency> <d> : DongSign
<dead_currency> <E> : EcuSign
<dead_currency> <e> : EuroSign
<dead_currency> <F> : FFrancSign
<dead_currency> <f> : function
<dead_currency> <G> : U20B2
<dead_currency> <g> : U20B2
<dead_currency> <H> : U20B4
<dead_currency> <h> : U20B4
<dead_currency> <I> : U17DB
<dead_currency> <i> : UFDFC
<dead_currency> <K> : U20AD
<dead_currency> <k> : U20AD
<dead_currency> <L> : LiraSign
<dead_currency> <l> : sterling
<dead_currency> <M> : U2133
<dead_currency> <m> : MillSign
<dead_currency> <N> : NairaSign
<dead_currency> <n> : NairaSign
<dead_currency> <O> : U0AF1
<dead_currency> <o> : U0BF9
<dead_currency> <P> : PesetaSign
<dead_currency> <p> : U20B0
<dead_currency> <r> : CruzeiroSign
<dead_currency> <R> : RupeeSign
<dead_currency> <S> : dollar
<dead_currency> <s> : NewSheqelSign
<dead_currency> <T> : U20AE
<dead_currency> <t> : U09F3
<dead_currency> <THORN> : U09F2
<dead_currency> <thorn> : U09F2
<dead_currency> <U> : U5713
<dead_currency> <u> : U5143
<dead_currency> <W> : WonSign
<dead_currency> <w> : WonSign
<dead_currency> <Y> : U5186
<dead_currency> <y> : yen
<dead_currency> <dead_currency> : currency
<dead_currency> <nobreakspace> : currency
<dead_currency> <space> : currency
<dead_cedilla> <dead_currency> <C> : U20B5
<dead_currency> <dead_cedilla> <C> : U20B5
<dead_cedilla> <dead_currency> <c> : U20B5
<dead_currency> <dead_cedilla> <c> : U20B5

and their dead_greek proposal is:

<dead_greek> <A> : Greek_ALPHA
<dead_greek> <a> : Greek_alpha
<dead_greek> <B> : Greek_BETA
<dead_greek> <b> : Greek_beta
<dead_greek> <D> : Greek_DELTA
<dead_greek> <d> : Greek_delta
<dead_greek> <E> : Greek_EPSILON
<dead_greek> <e> : Greek_epsilon
<dead_greek> <F> : Greek_PHI
<dead_greek> <f> : Greek_phi
<dead_greek> <G> : Greek_GAMMA
<dead_greek> <g> : Greek_gamma
<dead_greek> <H> : Greek_ETA
<dead_greek> <h> : Greek_eta
<dead_greek> <I> : Greek_IOTA
<dead_greek> <i> : Greek_iota
<dead_greek> <J> : Greek_THETA
<dead_greek> <j> : Greek_theta
<dead_greek> <K> : Greek_KAPPA
<dead_greek> <k> : Greek_kappa
<dead_greek> <L> : Greek_LAMBDA
<dead_greek> <l> : Greek_lamda
<dead_greek> <M> : Greek_MU
<dead_greek> <m> : Greek_mu
<dead_greek> <N> : Greek_NU
<dead_greek> <n> : Greek_nu
<dead_greek> <O> : Greek_OMICRON
<dead_greek> <o> : Greek_omicron
<dead_greek> <P> : Greek_PI
<dead_greek> <p> : Greek_pi
<dead_greek> <Q> : Greek_CHI
<dead_greek> <q> : Greek_chi
<dead_greek> <R> : Greek_RHO
<dead_greek> <r> : Greek_rho
<dead_greek> <S> : Greek_SIGMA
<dead_greek> <s> : Greek_sigma
<dead_greek> <T> : Greek_TAU
<dead_greek> <t> : Greek_tau
<dead_greek> <U> : Greek_UPSILON
<dead_greek> <u> : Greek_upsilon
<dead_greek> <W> : Greek_OMEGA
<dead_greek> <w> : Greek_omega
<dead_greek> <X> : Greek_XI
<dead_greek> <x> : Greek_xi
<dead_greek> <Y> : Greek_PSI
<dead_greek> <y> : Greek_psi
<dead_greek> <Z> : Greek_ZETA
<dead_greek> <z> : Greek_zeta
<dead_greek> <dead_greek> : mu
<dead_greek> <nobreakspace> : mu
<dead_greek> <space> : mu
<dead_greek> <dead_hook> <U> : U03D2
<dead_hook> <dead_greek> <U> : U03D2
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <A> : U1FB9
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <A> : U1FB9
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <a> : U1FB1
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <a> : U1FB1
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <I> : U1FD9
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <I> : U1FD9
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <i> : U1FD1
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <i> : U1FD1
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <U> : U1FE9
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <U> : U1FE9
<dead_greek> <dead_macron> <u> : U1FE1
<dead_macron> <dead_greek> <u> : U1FE1
<dead_greek> <UFDD0> <r> : U03FC
<UFDD0> <dead_greek> <r> : U03FC

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