Force DVI output on intel 852GM / chrontel ch7009b

JC Menand jc.menand at
Fri Nov 7 00:57:01 PST 2008

To complete my previous question ,
( )
I'd like to know what should I do to force DVI to be activated on boot time.
I write this at the end of the ch7xxx_init, and now it works randomly.
pm = ~CH7xxx_PM_FPD;
pm |= CH7xxx_PM_DVIL | CH7xxx_PM_DVIP;
ch7xxx_write(dev_priv, CH7xxx_PM, pm);

I noted that the register 20h bit 5 DVIT is the one that is activated when
the screen is plugged in but this register is only readable.

I certainly miss something but what?
Just to remind, I'd like to activate my DVI output over DVO at boot time; it
works well when the screen is plugged in at boot time but if not, it doesn't
work every time.

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