Missing symbols (_xcb_lock_io, _xcb_unlock_io)

Joel Feiner jafeiner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 18:49:33 PST 2008

In the latest git build I did today, I found that a few things wouldn't
build due to these missing symbols, namely the xdemos stuff in mesa and
xnest in xserver.  Also, kdeinit for KDE 3.5 is complaining about not
being able to find these symbols when it is loading.  I'm guessing this
is related to the XCB socket handoff stuff that I've seen on the lists.

Is there a fix?  Or do I just need to wait a little bit for stuff to get

I've also done the usual make distclean and such to make sure there's no
cruft from earlier builds lying around.  I very much doubt that's the

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