New shatter development tree

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Nov 10 10:31:47 PST 2008

I'll be pushing updates here as I go.  Conceptual review, particularly
of the strategy documentation, is most welcome.

Note that this is an ABI change:

> @@ -478,8 +493,6 @@ typedef struct _Screen {
>      CloseScreenProcPtr CloseScreen;
>      QueryBestSizeProcPtr QueryBestSize;
>      SaveScreenProcPtr SaveScreen;
> -    GetImageProcPtr GetImage;
> -    GetSpansProcPtr GetSpans;
>      PointerNonInterestBoxProcPtr PointerNonInterestBox;
>      SourceValidateProcPtr SourceValidate;

So you will certainly need to rebuild your drivers if you expect to play
with this.  There's no particularly strong reason for this to be a
break, I suppose, but we really do have a lot of things that would be
pleasant to fix with an ABI break (render arg reduction, MAXFORMATS,

- ajax

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