Graphics not always refreshing (Intel)

John Ettedgui john.ettedgui at
Mon Nov 10 11:32:00 PST 2008


I am running Debian SID/Experimental AMD64 with Xorg 7.4, server
and intel drivers 2.4.2.

in the last weeks I had issues with Flash not always refreshing the graphics
when playing a video, but scrolling the page would refresh the image, I
realized this week end that I have the same issue with:
- sdlmame (sdl output), just going back and forth between fullscreen and
window refreshes the screen
- even this morning with a simple xterm, just moving the xterm around fixed
the issue.

So it is not flash-based like I thought...

I tweaked a bit my xorg.conf, in sdlmame the issue was drastically reduced
by removing the dri mode 0666 in xorg.conf.
Right now my xorg.conf is reduced to the driver intel, AccelMethod EXA and
renderaccell true.

Also I had the same issue with fluxbox and kde so it is not related to the
wm (I have no idea if it can be so I tried...).

Could it be because of me using a new kernel 2.6.27?

Thank you,
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