Mouse button problems using Logitech NX80

Matija Šuklje matija.suklje at
Mon Nov 10 11:56:47 PST 2008

Dne ponedeljek 10. novembra 2008 je Thomas Lübking napisal(a):
> > a) since button 2 is missing, I need some other button (preferably 9) to
> > take the place of the "middle mouse button"
> tested pressing the wheel down?

Tested pressing the wheel down using 'xev'. Where I would normally expect 
button 2, it completely ignores any buttonpress.

> also see "man xmodmap".

'xmodmap -pp' lists buttons 1-12 (as already stated and the same as 
(sometimes) evdev).

> if a button just does not react on xev, try the "logitech_applet" and use
> logitech_applet -d
> logitech_applet -e
> (-d sets "cruise control" defined to disabled, -e to enabled, just -e might
> not work)

Neither produces any output or changes anything in the way 'xev' reports 
anything. Yet alone getting the middle button (i.e. button 2) to work out of 
the blue.

> > b) fix the wheel tilting, so tilting to the right actually scrolls to the
> > right (instead of left as is the current state)
> i'd say that's mostly app/toolkit dependend. you could however use e.g.
> xbinkeys to map the hor. scroll btns to (ctrl)+alt+vert scroll (mb 4/5)

The synaptics touchpad on my laptop also has a left-right scroll and I've 
tested both using the same apps as well as 'xev' and the thing is that the 
Synaptics driver (as probably most do) uses the scrolling sequence "4 5 6 7" 
(for "up down left right"), while this mouse shows "4 5 7 6" — i.e. the left 
and right scroll buttons are switched/mirrored.

> > c) at the *very* _least_, if a) and b) cannot be done (yet), for a while
> > just having "Emulate3Buttons" work, would make life easier ;)
> no idea on that, but on a mouse with > 10 buttons you should be able to
> find one to use a 3rd one ;-)

I have no problem finding it, but binding it gives me problems ;)

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