Is there a maintainer for proto/trapproto, lib/libXTrap, app/xtrap, and Xorg XTRAP extension?

Adam Jackson ajax at
Tue Nov 11 10:59:58 PST 2008

On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 16:25 +0100, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:

> Nevertheless, I think things have to be done more or less in the order I
> mentioned, not needing, however, any significant delay in between.
> And xtrapddmi.h can be dropped.
> I could prepare patches for the items 3.1. and 3.2. from my list, but would
> need someone to review and apply them. Would you?


> Is there a way to move a file between modules while preserving the original
> author (git blame) of that file?

Not that I'm aware of.  But for this case I'm not too worried about it.

- ajax
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