Intel driver on Ubuntu 8.10

Ken Mandelberg km at
Wed Nov 12 08:17:32 PST 2008

I'm running an 945GM on Ubuntu 8.10 which uses version 2.4.1 of the 
Intel driver. I'm getting occasional tearing on HD video that I didn't 
get on Ubuntu 8.04. I've seen some reports of tearing on this list, but 
don't known if there is a known problem in 2.4.1.

I would build Intel 2.5 and give it a try, but Ubuntu uses libdrm 2.3.1 
and Intel 2.5 need libdrm 2.4.x.

Is there a version of the Intel driver that would would work with libdrm 
2.3.1 that would work better than Intel 2.4.1?

If not, would I break anything else building libdrm 2.4.1 replacing 
libdrm 2.3.1, and running Intel 2.5?

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