4 displays : move windows

Scorbo scorbofr at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 12 12:10:44 PST 2008


  I have a Nvidia graphic board which allows to connect 4 screens.
  I would like to switch display like I want, for example : all the 
windows of the second screen move to the third screen and the windows of 
the third move to the second.
  I've tried xrandr, but it's not possible to use it with the Nvidia 
property drivers it works only with the Xorg Nvidia drivers, but 
performance are very slow. And there is a problem with the mouse : 
xrandr switch "physically" the screen or I just want to move the windows 
of the display.
  I've also tried xmove but it doesn't work with glx (I must move video 
player) and it dated of 1994...

  Is there other tools to do it ?


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