xorg restarts upon usb-mouse unplug

none dark_mail at gmx.net
Fri Nov 14 05:08:12 PST 2008

I'm using Xorg 1.4.2, and when I unplug my Logitech mouse from my
laptop, X restarts and brings me back to the xdm login screen.

I tried both the evdev and the mouse driver, with the same result (chose
to stay with mouse for now as I couldn't get evdev to work with my
keyboard and configure the tilt-wheel on the mouse properly).

Switching the touchpad on or off works, and it also doesn't change the
unplug behaviour.

I attached my xorg.conf, as you can see I messed around a bit with it in
order to get mouse and keyboard to behave. Maybe you see something I
overlooked or simply did wrong.
Or maybe you have some other idea that could help me narrow down the
problem or een solve it.

I know this is too much of information, just tell me what else you need.


system info:
Gentoo Linux 2.6.24 on Pentium M with 815 chipset
xfce window manager
Logitech V100 mouse with usb ID 046d:c019

btw: X crashed hard while I was typing this mail, but that's probably
another issue ...

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