Wrong links, files not where they're supposed to be

Robert Dvoracek lightningstalker at wildblue.net
Sun Nov 16 15:02:21 PST 2008

	There are a few discrepancies with the files and links on the
download sites.

* The link to the current version of X.Org at /releases/current points to
X11R7.3 - Should point to 7.4

* The source directories for 7.4 in the various directories
/releases/X11R7.4/src/{app,driver,font,lib,proto,util} only contain archives
for the components which were updated for the new release.  The other
components necessary to build X.Org are missing.  Strangely enough they are
all there in the /releases/X11R7.4/src/everything/ directory.

* It's not an issue, but would it be possible to generate some checksums for
the source packages so they can be verified after downloading?

	Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Thank you,

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