evdev with sun type6 keyboard... also modmap gripes...

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at freedesktop.org
Sun Nov 16 20:25:48 PST 2008

On Nov 16, 2008, at 19:51, Peter Hutterer wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 05:52:53PM -0800, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
>> The keyboard mostly works, but it would probably be better if it were
>> treated as sun6... I just use the "old-fashioned" keyboard driver  
>> with:
>> Option "XkbModel"    "sun6"
>> I looked through the xf86-input-evdev source, but I didn't see an
>> obvious hash table to add this too... could someone tell me where I
>> should start digging to fix this?
> don't. the point of evdev is that hash-tables like these are in the  
> kernel,
> and what X sees is standardised already.
> You can use model sun6 with evdev as well (assuming xkeyboard-config  
> 1.4).

yeah... but with the whole "xorg.conf-less" idea... 
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