/dev/uinput with X11

Leandro Galvez galvez.andy at cassis-intl.com
Wed Nov 19 03:22:29 PST 2008

I am trying to write my xorg.conf for my simulated touchscreen and my 
simulated keyboard. How do I write it? What should I put in the 
"Option->Device" field? I dont have any physical device so I dont have any 
/dev/input/eventX. Can I just put Option->Device->/dev/input/uinput into 
these fields for keyboard and touchscreen?

Section "InputDevice"
  Identifier "CCHIP Touchscreen"
  Driver "evtouch"
  Option "Device" "/dev/input/uinput"
  Option "DeviceName" "touchscreen"
  Option "MinX" "0"
  Option "MinY" "0"
  Option "MaxX" "480"
  Option "MaxY" "640"
  Option "ReportingMode" "Raw"
  Option "SendCoreEvents" "On"

Thanks and best regards,

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> Thank you very much guys for your replies.
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>> On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:16:05PM +0800, Leandro Galvez wrote:
>>>     How do I use the X11 with /dev/uinput device which I plan to 
>>> simulate
>>>     all the input devices like keyboard, mouse and touchpad? How do I
>>> create
>>>     the xorg.conf for this to properly work? Do I need an entry for each
>>>     type or can I integrate all the input device types into one single
>>> input
>>>     device entry in xorg.conf?
>> You don't need to do anything. When you create the device, HAL sends the
>> information to the server, which then picks it up and configures it
>> appropriately.
>> So you do the same thing as for a physical device - add your stuff into
>> the
>> fdi file or set up an xorg.conf entry for it.
>> (FYI evdev git master has test/ directory that provides a simple uinput
>> devices for testing. Maybe that's a starting point for you)
>> Cheers,
>>  Peter
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