Call me puzzled, but happy, see below

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Nov 19 20:11:48 PST 2008


I had my main 500Gb pata drive upchuck all over itself last saturday morning, 
and I had a heck of a time with the bios in this ASUS mobo constantly 
re-arranging the drives as I struggled to save some of my data, like a 10Gb 
email corpus, and figuring out how to get this thing to boot at all, the 
installer did NOT write a new grub to the new drives mbr and I had to do it 
in chroot mode to make that work.

Things are slowly getting back to doing the mundane things here, and I just 
today noted that with the radeonhd driver loaded for X, and the digital cable 
in use, that the monitor power control lack I was fussing about since I built 
this 4 core phenom box/board, is now working!

So you folks were right, and something in that old install was full of 
floobydust or something.

I have CRS, somewhat understandable for someone 74 and counting, which means I 
may have a bz entry about it.  If so, call it fixed, PEBKAC or whatever.

Now, if I could just make tvtime work. :(  But that is a different thread.

Cheers, Gene
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