[PATCH 0/2] Clean up input device initialization code

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Nov 20 21:03:15 PST 2008

Currently, we have two paths that duplicate each other: 
InitInput() + InitAndStartDevices() for input devices in the xorg.conf, and
NewInputDeviceRequest() for devices provided by HAL.

These two patches clean up this mess by re-using common code better. VCP and
VCK are enabled immediately instead of later in InitAndStartDevices (IADS),
allowing us to enable devices in InitInput already. 
Both InitInput and NIDR now use the new xf86NewInputDevice() call to actually
create the device.

For the xfree86 DDX, IASD is now obsolete, but other DDX need to get fixed
before we can remove it.

Tested with AutoAddDevices on and off.

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