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James Cloos cloos at
Fri Nov 21 10:53:38 PST 2008

>>>>> "Arkadiusz" == Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <arekm at> writes:

Arkadiusz> btw. does anyone know how to download raw patch in cgit?

I beleive we'll need to get the sitewranglers to upgrade to the current
version of cgit for that functionality.

There is a link called 'patch' when viewing a commit which shows the raw
patch (I presume using 'git show').  An example is:

which is the 'patch' link on the page:

FDo's version of cgit is too old to have than functionality.

Incidently, I beleive that the current version of cgit has everything we
need to drop gitweb.

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