Forcing XORG to use /root?

Schumi Imor schumiimor at
Sun Nov 23 08:55:15 PST 2008

  I'm not sure how to asking this question, but here are the details.
I have an embedded device running Debian with xorg, I have a init.d
script to run "startx &" and another xinitrc script to run "firefox",
it all works great, but it seems XORG is not running in any user mode,
not even root, since I haven't logged in and all this is happening
before login. But for some reason, firefox is going and getting the
.mozilla profile from / instead of /root.
On the other hand, if remove the startx from init.d and login as root,
then run "startx" all works fine and firefox gets its profile from

So, forgive me if this ends up to be a mozilla question, but I'm
wondering if there is a way to tell xorg to run under a certain user
before login... to solve this issue?


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