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1. I want to look at the source of the function XCreateSimpleWindow(). I
extracted the xserver sources and greped it - but I could not find it Where
are the sources of Xlib function calls located ?

2. When I create a window using XCreateSimpleWindow() function - the window
has the decoration of the Ubuntu desktop that I am using. I was informed
that window manager captures it and re-parents the current window to a new
window with the title bar as one window and the current window as another.

So how that happen ? How does the window manager know that I have created a
window using the raw X command ?  (maybe I assume a event is sent) . I just
want to confirm !

3. There are two structures : Display, Screen. How does the window manager
implement the Virtual Desktops ? Is there any other structure like a
VirtualScreen, Viewport ??

4. What is the actual role of X server ?

Most of the work is done by window manager and other libraries.

What I have been able to gather is :

- It creates and manages windows
- Handles the input events
- Informs when the window needs to be redrawn.

Am I right or I left something.

Most of the documentation on the net is old and has no information about
current releases.  I am trying to understand the X server - so the many
questions that I could not find answers anywhere.

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