how to get fake input events to a Xinput2 master device?

Christian Beier beier at
Mon Nov 24 10:17:52 PST 2008

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 18:50:38 +1100
Daniel Stone <daniel at> wrote:
> How about being able to create new SDs, a la uinput?

Using uinput would undoubtly be the cleaner solution, but would limit
the application to Linux and would need fiddling with udev rules for
the right permissions in /dev/input/ and putting the user in the
corresponding group. I think I'll stick to creating MDs on the fly and
feeding them directly - which should be unproblematic if I keep exactly
one event source per MD, as Peter outlined in his reply to my previous
post. Or I'll implement both ways and leave the choice up to the
user... Let's see...

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