Is Xephyr going to support GLX in a near future?

Kārlis Repsons karlis.repsons at
Tue Nov 25 03:25:16 PST 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 13:11:24 you wrote:
> Kārlis Repsons wrote:
> > One more sad thing: Xephyr doesn't support GLX, which means, most likely
> > no 3D for it's users... I would like to ask someone better informed here,
> > if that is going to be addressed in near future?
> From an earlier post by ajax:
> "Xephyr supports GLX.  It's even accelerated in 1.5.  I think the
> acceleration support requires the use of a DRI driver under the skin
> (ie, not nVidia's driver), but I could be wrong."

Oh, glad to see, I am wrong about that, but still: the quote above makes me 
ask, if its possible to use nvidia cards with Xephyr properly (that is, use 
their capabilities, not make CPU work more)? Anyone here knows that?
Well, anyway, later I will try with glxgears.

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