Simulating a lower resolution on the OLPC XO Laptop

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Tue Nov 25 05:03:53 PST 2008

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> On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 11:57:17AM +0100, Strider wrote:
> > The problem with this is that the laptop isn't powerful enugh
> > to handle fullscreen applications at this resolution.
> All those I have tried have worked fine at this resolution.  Which
> particular applications are you referring to?
> I've tried; konqueror, galeon, gpredict, xclock, firefox, emacs, xterm,
> inkscape, gimp, abiword, openoffice, wesnoth, and xastir.  I'm probably
> not using an application you're using.  Which is it?  Perhaps there is a
> design problem in the application.  Perhaps the application requires a
> display bandwidth that exceeds what is available.
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It is indeed the applications that are in cause. I tried zsnes which is not
usable in other resolution than the original 256x224, I also ran the amiga
emulator e-uae which does not support upscaling but only resolution changes.

Other emulators such as dgen for the Sega Genesis or gnuboy for the game boy
have a software scaling option working really well. One solution would be to
patch each problematic application to support 1200x900 but it's will not be
possible with closed source software.
I'd also like to try to run games that ran on 1999's PCs such as Quake 3 and
Unreal Tournament, I think the laptop is powerful enough to run these games
at a 400x300 resolution but i doubt it will be smooth at 1200x900.

I have found this message : on the mailing list and it might be what i'm talking about, I have to give it
a try.
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