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I know how to have 4 independent displays with the Nvidia property driver, but like you said it doesn't support XRandr 1.2.
My problem is to switch dynamically two displays with this driver (or another one).
I'vre tried Nouveau but it doesn't support this graphic card.
In fact my question is : is there a solution to switch dynamically two displays on a Linux system (except Xrandr or Xmove) ?


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On Wednesday 26 November 2008 00:36:13 scorbo wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have a Nvidia Quadro NVS440 graphic cards with 4 screens and I would
> like to switch display like I want (display :0.0 becomes :0.1 so :0.1
> becomes :0.0). I've tried with xrandr but the Nvidia Property driver
> indicates only one screen and not 4. 

This driver does not support XRandR 1.2 at all.  It's "native"
(but property) 
multihead mode is called TwinView.  TwinView has a number of issues caused by 
the "only one screen" indication such as not being able to calibrate
individual displays (IE. you can't set separate video card gamma tables for

each display).  

It appears that what you want is Zaphod mode.  You should be able to do this 
with the nvidia driver but not using TwinView.  The basic setup would be the 
same as an xinerama setup but with xinerama turned off.  That is you would 
have 4 monitor, screen and device sections - one of each for the four 
displays.  To turn xinerama off you would need something like this:

Section "ServerFlags"
  Option "Xinerama" "false"

> Therefore I've installed Nouveau but
> it doesn't support this card. In addition I've read that xrandr
> support multi GPU and multi card (this card has two GPU). I've also
> with a Nvidia 290 graphic card and the Nouveau driver and it works but
> there is only two displays and the display has been configured in Xinerama
> mode and I need independent display.
>   I've read that xrandr 1.3 with Xorg 7.5 will support multi board
> multi gpu, is it exact ? Is there another solution to switch display ?
> Thanks
> Christophe P.

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