Freeze ( and X takes 100% CPU ) after being idle

Bart Verwilst lists at
Fri Nov 28 02:42:33 PST 2008


I've been having this problem for quite a while ( on several machines ).
Everything is fine until i'm away from the screen for like 15 minutes.
When i come back, i'm able to unlock my screen ( so mouse and keyboard
still work in that step ), but the next thing i see is just my
wallpaper, and i can only move my mouse.

I can login through SSH, where i see X at 99-100%. Killing X brings up
gdm again, with a working keyboard/mouse. I can login again, but the
only thing i see is the default brown Ubuntu screen. Only mouse works

This bug has been logged and commented on by multiple people here:

Every machine I have seen this issue on has an onboard Intel chipset.

Maybe someone here knows about this or can help debug this problem?

The problem can occur multiple times per day. The mostly-given advice is
"Well I guess you shouldnt take any breaks anymore!" but i would prefer
another solution ;)

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

Bart Verwilst

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