Siliconmotion driver update for XFree 4.3?

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade pcpa at
Fri Nov 28 18:10:34 PST 2008

Gerhart, Bjoern wrote:


>> But
>> some of the features in that driver include randr 1.2 (with 
>> multihead),
> Before we had siliconmotion driver release 1.4.9, we could not operate an SM712 chip as secondary graphics adapter, while the onboard chipset (in our case driven by i810) provided the primary graphics adapter. Release 1.4.9 supported this kind of multi head. But maybe this improvement has flown into randr 1.2?

  I want to believe that this should be functional on the current
driver, or require some very basic patch to enable (but I only
have access to a sample mips computer with a smi 502...).

> There was another strange behaviour which was removed with our 1.4.9 driver. The Video BIOS identification string was shown up twice each time initializing X (using the SM712 chip).
>>   They are already in version 2.2.8, while we are on version 1.6.1 :-)
> Ah, okay I see that the 1.4.9 driver is quite old in the meantime *smile*
> However, with Xorg 7.1 (as distributed with CentOS 5), I had the same issues with the siliconmotion driver concerning the SM712 chip described above.

  Did you try with a checkout of the current freedesktop driver? It
would be good to know if there aren't any regressions. But from what
I could check, when comparing with sources in 1.4.9, all code checking
if is a primary card is already in the freedesktop driver, so, if it
doesn't work, it may also be a regression in the pci/vbe code in Xorg.

>> If you can send me the tarball it should be easier to handle, then
>> real diffs. As there may exist useful features that were removed...
> Okay, I appended the tgz of our working siliconmotion driver sources 1.4.9 to this email (compilable against XFree 4.3).

  Thanks. I looked at it, but I think everything it provides is
already available in the current freedesktop driver in functional
terms. But it is good to look at an older version to have a better
idea of how the code evolved :-)

> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Regards
> Björn


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