Keysyms: HomePage vs WWW

James Cloos cloos at
Sun Nov 30 14:10:42 PST 2008

Both keys have linux input definitions:

,----< excerpt from linux-2.6/include/linux/input.h >
| #define KEY_WWW			150	/* AL Internet Browser */
| #define KEY_HOMEPAGE		172	/* AC Home */

where AL means Application Launch Button and AC means Application Control.

In USB HID, the AL and AC keys are part of the Consumer Page (0xC0).

Aplication Launch button Internet Browser is UsageID 196 in that page,
Generic GUI Application Control button AC Home is 223.

The description for the AL section says:

,----< excerpt from Hut1_12.pdf §15.15 >
| These controls launch the application that most closely relates in
| function to the Usage Name.

The AC keys section says:

,----< excerpt from Hut1_12.pdf §15.16 >
| These controls provide shortcuts to software application functions or
| provide physical controls that mimic the controls found in a typical GUI
| application. Most controls in a GUI are buttons, but others such as
| scroll bars or zoom controls might be physically implemented as sliders
| or wheels.
| AC Home Sel - Load the designated root of a hierarchical set of objects.

So, if one wants to follow the USB recomendation, XF86WWW should launch
one's browser and XF86HomePage should load one's preferred home page if
one's browser has focus, should go to the top dir if an info viewer has
focus, etc.

So, Application Launch keys should point at XF86WWW and GUI-control keys
at XF86HomePage.  I don't know which <I32> is used for.

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