ProcPutImage calls exaDoMoveOutPixmap, 4x slowdown

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Tue Oct 14 10:35:23 PDT 2008


> There is ofcource a fallback system, which is pretty much a memcpy.
Ah, I guess that was that memcpy I always saw in moveIn / moveOut ;)

> intel has never had an UploadToScreen hook.
Ah interesting, because I saw 4x better performance with intel-2.1.1 /
With this configuration the putted data was just memcpy'd to vram, but
now it seems to be a readback->put->upload cycle :-/
I'll try to find a small test-case and report a bug.

> I'm just mentioning uxa,
> because they did realize exa wasn't perfect for them (in it's current
> form), they just haven't fixed exa yet to be a little more smart for
> non-vram cards.
Yes, I also really hope they merge it back soon.

Thanks again, Clemens

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