donation 2x radeonhd ati pci-e HD3450 LP for europian xorg developer

Jan Kasprzak kas at
Thu Oct 23 08:10:53 PDT 2008

Jelle de Jong wrote:
: > I recently bought two cub 3d hd3450 ati radeonhd 16x pci-e devices for
: > an multigpu muliseat setup. However currently the radeonhd does not
: > support this. It does not want to setup the second card I tried both the
: > randr 1.2 as the official xorg configuration styles.

	I had success booting the secondary card with the previous
version of (1.3.0 server). With 1.5.0, it hangs in the int10
module while trying to boot the secondary card. Just yesterday I have
filled the following bug report, hope somebody notices it there
(my two posts to xorg at as well as a report to Fedora
Bugzilla went unnoticed by developers).

	 I also have a 2x HD3450 (my xorg.conf attached to the above
BZ entry). Maybe you want to downgrade the X server (and some other
packages like mesa-libGL). Also, I had success with the "radeon"
driver, not "radeonhd".


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