donation 2x radeonhd ati pci-e HD3450 LP for europian xorg developer

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Sat Oct 25 06:46:15 PDT 2008

Tiago Vignatti wrote:
> Hi Jelle,
> Jelle de Jong escreveu:
>> I recently bought two cub 3d hd3450 ati radeonhd 16x pci-e devices for
>> an multigpu muliseat setup. However currently the radeonhd does not
>> support this. It does not want to setup the second card I tried both the
>> randr 1.2 as the official xorg configuration styles. I posted logs on
>> the radeonhd mailinglist, but multigpu support does not seem to be an
>> development priority. So I was forced to buy nvidea cards and install
>> nvidia kernel crap to get my systems working like I needed.
> yeah, seems that the closed drivers all do ASIC init themselves. So it's 
> a win for them while our server doesn't have a method to post secondaries.
>> Now I got two spare devices, that I can either return to the shop or
>> donate to an European developer. The only thing I would like in return
>> is to get personal emails about the status of the multigpu/multicpu
>> support and that it will be working in 6 months. If that is unreasonable
>> we can workout something else. I do need to know what to do in a short
>> time because of guarantee issues on the devices.
> Thanks for the offer (though I'm from south america). I cannot accept 
> this right now because I'm already busy with all my hackish volunteering 
> stuffs. Why don't you adventure and try it yourself? It's a good time :)
> Thank you,

Thank you Tiago for responding. To the subject of trying to fix the
multi GPU issues on the driver by myself. I would probably have the
skills to do this, however I always have a lot of trouble getting
familiar with the code structures of free software projects, without
documentation how the code is constructed and why it is done that way, I
have to spent an awful lot of time and energy reading en testing source
code to get familiar with the project. This process is always getting to
my nerves and personal health by all the "why" and "how" questions
popping up in my head. Maybe this will change in the future, lets hope
so, but for now I rather leave the development to people already gone
through the process of getting to know the code structure.

Best regards,


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